Tamil is an ancient and perfect language and its translations are perfected at Intraword.Virtually every industry today has partners and branches in various states and even across the world. With the support that we offer in translations and in transcriptions in Banglore one can easily conduct business with any other company easily.

Well known several overseas enterprises are continuously on the lookout to further their business interests. From time immemorial, India is the most sought after country to promote trade.The advantage with our services is that our translators are fluent not only in Tamil but can convert any kind of legal, commercial or personal document into another language without losing the essence of the material.

For our clients in Tamil Nadu we offer translations with translators that are not only fluent in Tamil and in English but in various Indian languages and in all the majorworld languages as well.

The same assurance of accuracy can be reversed with translations into Tamil from another language completed perfectly. The same is true of transcriptions as well.

At Intraword we ensure that our clients are completely satisfied not only with the range of services that we offer but also with the quality of our work.Our list of clients speaks for itself and everything that we do is checked not only for grammar and for spellings but also that there is no deviation from the original.

All our other services have to do with languages and we understand the importance of a good translation while conducting business on an international level.Intraword is also proficient in back office support and services and these include translations of market research of various kinds, translating customer database from or into Tamil, all kinds of customer support in Tamil as part of our repertoire.

All this can be done with staff that are perfect in Tamil and in the language that it needs to be translated into as well.Our rates are also among the best in the industry and coupled with the technical and language support that we offer our clients can concentrate on expanding the business angle leaving us to take care of the communications.Feel assured with our quality of service and with turnaround times that are held sacred you can depend completely on us.