Karnataka has been seeing a growth in the numbers of foreign investors and there are many multinational companies that have branches here. The IT industry particularly has been booming in various regions of the state.

While Kannada is the language preferred by the locals, while conducting business with various nationalities one would require perfectly translated documents. At Intraword we ensure that clients who require translations from Kannada into any other language and the reverse are handled expertly.

We have teams of experts in various languages and each of these is a professional with working experience in Kannada as well as in the language it needs to be translated into.

Every translation service is handled professionally by us. With a brief from the client on the exact specifications we are able to cover everything from medical, legal, corporate and even translations for the media.

At Intraword in Delhi we have ample experience of translations into Kannada as well across industries. We also take care of training those interested in making a career out of translations but helping them to understand the language completely.

Translation Services:

VISA Papers Translation, School Certificate Translation, Passport Translation Marriage Certificate Translation, Driver Licenses Translation, Divorce Papers Translation, Marriage Card Translation, Death Certificate Translation, Government Papers.